Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse

This is a well constructed song using some old and new techniques. One old trick it's using as well as dropping the thick E string down to a D note, is dropping the entire tuning of the guitar down a semitone. That means that the strings are now Eb (1st-thin), Bb (2nd), Gb (3rd), Db (4th), Ab (5th), Eb (6th-thick), the guitar is still tuned normally but has the sound of being 1 fret lower. Bands do this for a couple of reasons, the first and main reason is for the vocalist. If every song is a semitone lower there will be less strain on his voice through out the night. This technique it mainly used by cover bands because the vocalist usually has to copy about 50-60 different singers styles in a night. Some bands do it just because they like the lower tones the guitar produces.

When you try to play along with the CD you will be out of tune with it because they're tuned a semitone lower, all midi examples on this page are in normal tuning.

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