Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard

This song is not for the faint hearted. It is up there with every other guitar classic, if you already play in a band or soon will, it is one of the more requested songs. Many people play this song and just jam it rather than learn it note for note, I am guilty of being one of them. I first learnt it as a fill in song, one where the rest of the guys in the band said "we should learn Sweet Home" and from there no one really put much effort into learning it because it's only 3 chords and a jamming solo around the scale of "E Blues"... How hard could it be?

I'ts only been the last few years when I've really started teaching the song to students that I've realised this is a difficult song to play verbatim, jamming it's easy. Spend the time now and learn it note for note, there is a lot of riffs here that are standard and a few more that go against the grain of most players (fingers go next where they don't normally go).

I have split the parts into three main guitar parts (3 electrics - guitar 1, guitar 2 & lead), there is also an acoustic in there as well but it doesn't play a vital roll, so once you get a feel for the song you'll be able to work out the feel for the acoustic.

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