Open 5th Chords

Open 5th chords are a little more difficult to play because sometimes you have to mute some string with fingers, instead of playing notes. In the first E5 chord there is a black note with a "X" followed by a small number "1". This means that you don't sound that string, but mute it with your 1st finger. To mute the string place the finger on the string but don't press down.

When you have an option of two of the same chords the prefered one is the first.

  • e_5th_open1
  • e_5th_open2
  • g_5th_open
  • a_5th_open1
  • a_5th_open2
  • c_5th_open
  • d_5th_open1
  • d_5th_open2

All of these chords will sound full and powerful on a distorted amp or effects pedal.

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