Music Staff & Treble Cleff

Music Staff

  • This is what music is written on.


  • The music staff is made up from five lines and four spaces. The first line starts from the bottom and goes up. The same applies with the spaces. The higher up the staff a dot (note) is placed, the higher the note will sound. The lower on the staff a note is placed, the lower the pitch will be.

Reading The Treble Cleff

treblecleff This is a treble cleff sign, it tells us how to read the staff lines and spaces.
  • noteplace
  • As you can see on the diagram on the left shows the names of the notes on the five lines, they are E, G, B, D and F (this is in no way the same as your string names). There is a saying you can use to remember these notes. (Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit). The names of the notes in the spaces are F, A, C and E (the way to remember this is by spelling FACE).

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