Practice Songs

Once you have practiced through your notes on the guitar, you can try these songs to help you practice your sight reading. I'll be the first to admit that these songs are not very exciting, but remember the main idea here is to learn how to sight read.

These songs are mostly old folk tunes. One of the reasons for using these types of songs is because a lot of people know them. From a teachers point of view using the latest songs to tutor a number of people is too difficult because of different personal taste. When doing one on one lessons you get the chance to learn your favorite songs.

To practice any of the songs below you should have already gone through Section 4
"(4) Learning The Strings (10 lsn)". If not, then these songs are divided into groups of 2 String Songs, 3 String Songs, 4 String Songs and so on. Use the appropriate links from the song page or the section below to learn those notes.

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