Song of Joy

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To play this song you have to be able to read the Thin E string & B string.

Remember when you are playing this song to always pick down. The first note is a half note so it is held for two beats.

You will notice that there are eight bars of music in this song and it is two lines in length. Most songs in some way will repeat themselves as this song does. Take a look at the second line and you can see that it is the same as the first except for the last bar. Always keep an eye out for these similarities to help you learn a song quicker.

When you're looking at the diagram to read this song you're looking at two parts. The first part is the melody, these are the notes written on the staff. Above the melody you'll see letters written "C, G, C, G ". These are not the names of the notes, but the are chords played at the same time while you're playing the melody.


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