Reading The Thick "E" String

6th_str Once again ledger lines are being used. Remember, they are just an extension of the staff lines and can go below or above the staff.
open_e_low f_low g_low

Now you have gone through learning the staff note names and where they are placed on the guitar, the next step should be to find some simple sheet music of your favorite songs and have a go at playing them. Try to start learning songs you know first so you can hear whether it sounds like the original song. Keep in mind that if you are learning the song from simplified sheet music, the song may have been changed to make it a little easier to play.

The last six lessons on learning string note names was only a quick run through on the notes on the staff. There are other books that go into much more depth and detail with reading music. So take the time and learn how to read sheet music, don't become one of the masses of guitarist that wouldn't know how to play the first note of their favorite song scored in sheet music.





Now practice all 3 lines together along with the audio below!

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