Tablature Explanation

Tablature: A six-line staff that graphically represents the guitar fretboard. The top line represents the top thin string on the guitar fretboard (high E). By placing a number on any line, the string and fret number is indicated. The number 0 represents an open string (no fingers down).




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Above is a brief explanation on tablature. Obviously there is more to playing than just placing your finger on a note on the fretboard. The next step is playing technique, this is such styles as, bending, sliding, hammer-on, pull-off, vibrato and many more. Playing these techniques makes the difference between an armature (beginner) and a professional polished guitarist. Below are some of the advanced tablature techniques you will learn in this section.

  • Bend

  • Bend & Release

  • Pre-Bend

  • Unison Bend

  • Vibrato

  • Slide

  • Hammer On

  • Pull Off

  • Trill

  • Tapping

  • Pick Slide

  • Tremolo Picking

  • Rhythm Slashes

  • Palm Muting

  • Tremolo Bar

  • Muffled Notes

  • Natural Harmonics

  • Artificial Harmonics

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