Major Pentatonic Scales (Patterns 1 to 5)

pen·ta·ton·ic: Of or using only five tones, usually the first, second, third, fifth, and sixth tones of a diatonic (major) scale.

As you can see the 5 Major Pentatonic scales are the same as the Minor Pentatonic. The only difference between the two are the root notes (black dots).

Place your mouse over the scale diagram to view the difference between the major and minor pentatonic scales. You'll see the scale shape doesn't change but the root notes do.

Naturally the major pentatonic scale will be played over a major chord!

Mouse Off (Major Pentatonic), Mouse Over (Minor Pentatonic)

pent_maj_01_f02    pent_maj_02_f02
pent_maj_04_f02    pent_maj_05_f02

Below are the 5 major pentatonic scales show over the 12 fret span.

Mouse Off (Major Pentatonic), Mouse Over (Minor Pentatonic)


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This video was taken for an advanced student who had a comprehensive understanding of the Major, Minor & Pentatonic scales. I discuss all advanced topics on the CAGED system and how it works. The video quality is low so it’s hard to make out the strings that we both are playing. If you have a good understanding of the guitar & the scales I’m talking about then you should be able to best guess the notes I am playing. Use this video as a reference on what you need to learn and the importance of learning it.

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