Cm Shaped Minor Scale

As you can see below by where the dark notes are placed, this minor scale pattern does not start or finish on the root note, this is an important point. By starting this scale using your 1st finger on the 6th string 10th fret, you might think that it's a "D Minor Scale". This is not the case because the note you are starting on is simply another note in the scale and not the root. These notes are added to give you a broader area to cover in that scale on the fretboard.

NOTE: Always be aware of where your root notes are in any scale.

Remember, this is a very uncommon chord shape which makes this scale harder than the rest to associate back to the chord. Take note of how your 1st finger moves back one fret on the 3rd and 4th strings.

Play this scale up and down then up a little to finish on the root note. Since this scale does not start and finish on the root note it can sound a little odd and this is why you want to finish on the root of the scale, it will give a sence of completion.

The root of the scale supplied in the TAB is "A", this would make it an "A Minor Scale".



The audio is in the key of an "A Major Scale" root note starting from the 12th fret.

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