Major Scales


This is the most common Major scale shape played on the guitar. Over the next few lessons you will learn 5 different Major Scale shapes. I have found the 3 most useful to be the E Shape, G Shape & the D Shape. The next five lessons however are not presented in that order, this is because we're applying the scales to the CAGED Method.

When you play scales pay close attention to the finger numbers used. You could play this scales using only one finger, but this would be no good if you wanted to play it fast. The little (pinky) finger usually gets left out when practicing because it feels so uncoordinated to use. For this reason alone is why you should practice using it. You have 4 fingers "Use them!"

Below is an "A Major Scale" written in TAB, [Bold] is the root note.


The audio is in the key of an "A Major Scale" starting from the 5th fret.

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