So here we go, now we're getting in to the fun stuff. From here on in will determine what sort of guitarist you will become. I'm not talking about if you smart or dumb, I'm talking about your desire to learn the following information. Few students go "oh great we're going to learn scales today". As a teacher of music I think scales are great fun and they are the key which unlocks all music.

If you've seen someone work out a song just by listening to it and have it mastered in about 10 minutes. Well it's not magic or a god given gift, it is a knowledge of scales. Whether that person has learnt scales or not, there are groups of notes that go together and sound nice and harmonious to our ears. Some people know their names and others just know the physical shapes they make on the guitar. Either way they know scales. I suggest you get to know the names of the patterns as it will make conversing with other musicians much easier.

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