Applying Scales To The CAGED System

Around each one of the chord shapes in the CAGED system we are going to fit a MAJOR scale. There will be 5 different scale shapes to learn. The following 5 groups of diagrams show the scale pattern (on the right) that fits over the appriate chord shape (on the left). The scale pattern on the right is also blinking (in red) the chord shape in that pattern. When playing your scale try to visualise the chord pattern in the scale on the fretboard. Be aware of where the chord notes are in the scale that you're playing. This will be useful later on when you start improvising or writing songs and solos.

The following animation is showing how all the patterns fit together over 12 frets. It does look confusing when laid out together, but that's why it is broken down into 5 more manageable sections. It's the same reason why we break music up into bars, to make it easier to remember rather than trying to memorise one long pattern of notes or chords.

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This video was taken for an advanced student who had a comprehensive understanding of the Major, Minor & Pentatonic scales. I discuss all advanced topics on the CAGED system and how it works. The video quality is low so it’s hard to make out the strings that we both are playing. If you have a good understanding of the guitar & the scales I’m talking about then you should be able to best guess the notes I am playing. Use this video as a reference on what you need to learn and the importance of learning it.

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